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PhaZZer Training – Operator Training Certification


PhaZZer Training – Operator Training Certification  Testing



Operator Certification Training Program

The PhaZZer Enforcer and Dragon are Conductive Energy Weapons (CEW)| considered to be “Non-lethal Control Devices” used for self defense. When used properly| they control violent or potentially violent individuals without causing serious bodily harm to the offender. Years of in-service use have shown that the CEW can prevent serious harm to the trained user| to innocent bystanders| and to the target individuals.

The Operator Certification Training Program instructs the user on the proper deployment of the CEW and other important information.

  • Information regarding how and why the CEW affects the recipient.
  • Characteristics| capabilities| operational safety principles and procedures.
  • Health effects and precautions
  • Equipment maintenance

Completion of the program will help:

  • Reduce liability exposure regarding Use of Force complaints Decrease insurance rates and add credibility to the Operator should a court appearance be necessary.
  • Law Enforcement| Security personnel| Bail Bondsman and any professions where Use of Force is likely involving a CEW should not be without this training.

The Operator Certification Training Program is a 6 hour program that includes both classroom and range training scenarios. To receive Operator Certification| each student will be required to:

  1. Pass a written examination with a score of 75% or better
  2. Verbally demonstrate their knowledge of CEW
  3. Deploy at least one live probe cartridge during a training scenario.


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